Memorable Projects

The stuff that I've done

The projects I remmember and have some cool videos, links, pictures and memories from.

That you can actually see!

Ongoing projects are featured prominantly in the menu, finnished projects in the year we recorded. The music in playlist got released in that year.

As you know a lot of projects just end up by thewayside when they're done.

Some never get done

I usually end up doing one, two or all of the things mentioned in these nicely coloured boxes.

All of this is highly informative.

I'm shure.


I'll take your recordings and hopefully elevate them to another level. If nothing else; buff it so it has a nice sheen.


On location or in a studio, we will make some magic happen.


I Can master for CD, vinyl and the digital platforms. And I have good connections to some replecation plants if that is interestinhg