The Cell



Situated in the old Härlanda prison, in cooperation with Ungdomssatsningen GBG / Fängelset I have two tracking rooms next to my "Cell" and a large hall nearby. The Hall is big enough for full ensembles or when a more lively sound is wanted, the smaller rooms gives a nice tight sound with possibilities of isolation from amps or what not. If you listen to the postings here, you'll understand I have a very broad pallette of what I can work with.

I must say I loath to do "piece by piece" productions.

I like recording people that play together.


If you can't do that well then maybe I'm not for you.



EMK co/Roger Langvik

Holtermansgatan 5d app.1202

SE41129 Göteborg

Innehar F-Skatteseddel

Tel: +46 31 799 58 25