The Microphones

I always try to get at least two of microphones I enjoy, if I can. Here's a list of what I have

beyerdynamic op83s, m210s, Coles 4038s, fathead IIs, Heil Sound; PR22s, 28s, 30s,31bw's, 35s, Peluso 2247LEs, Sennheiser e609s, TnC acm310s...

The one ofs seem to be what I like on kick for some reason,  Audio Technica 3035 the Rode NTK, Heil pr48...
And then some I regrett not having two of, like the beyerdynamic m160 and a Joly moded- oktave 319
I have some old microphones; a
Sony dynamic, a Tandberg krystal mic, a Tannoy ribbon microphone.

Very useful list, yes?